Megan Chee

Sci-fi & fantasy writer. Based in Singapore.

Short Fiction

The Giants Among Us - forthcoming from Clarkesworld Magazine

Our Exquisite Delights - published in Lightspeed Magazine, March 2023 (read here)
"Almost everyone has, at some point in their lives, encountered a door that was not there before."

Burials for the Hated Dead - published in Dark Stars: Sci-fi Horror Drabbles, March 2023 (buy here)

The Cat of Lin Villa - published in Cast of Wonders, November 2022 (read/listen here)
"I did not care for Mr. Lin, the man who claimed to own the villa that I lived in."
• featured in's 'Must-Read Speculative Short Fiction for November 2022'
• featured in Locus Magazine's 'Charles Payseur Reviews Short Fiction'
• featured in Maria Haskins' 'Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Short Fiction Roundup for November/December 2022'
• featured in Nerds of a Feather's 'Questing in Shorts: February 2023'

Your Soul in a Pot - published in Nature Futures, June 2022 (read here)
"Let me make this clear, there is no actual brain matter in the soup. OK?"

Incense - published in Fantasy Magazine, January 2021 (read here)
"When he speaks, the universe shifts to listen."

Ariadne - published in Athena's Daughters, Vol II, August 2015 (buy here)
"Lightyears in every direction, the war explodes around her."